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Story of a project : motorbike portrait

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Last week end I went to the open day of King Kustom Bikes, the local American Bike specialist garage and just fell in love with a 48 Harley-Davidson in the showroom.
I returned during the week and spent 4 hours doing a detailed observation drawing - always good practice.

Pencil sketch of the 48

Went out the next day to pick up a canvas at the art supply store. Settled for a 120 x 80 cm canvas, the largest size i have ever painted in this manner. Orange background, felt obvious.

Burnt orange background with first layer of white

Using my sketch and some photo reference as a base, I stenciled an outline drawing onto the rough layer of burnt orange ground. Then it's just a matter of filling in the shapes with the right shade of black.

First black elements

More black...

and a bit more black... 

Nearly all the larger shapes are done - working on some details now too

Only a bit of shading left to do!

Doesn't it look like you could go for a ride on it? 

This painting now sits beside the actual bike in the showroom at King Kustom Bikes. So proud they accepted to show my work.
Thank you guys! hope to do more of these portraits!

Walking and sketching : Charmey, La Monse

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Sunday morning was perfect for a walk with a sketchpad and paints in the mountains. I chose a familiar spot, a path know since childhood : La Monse

I sat under a spruce and set out my paints for a view of one of the farmhouses. Half an hour was enough for this piece.

Passing along the gravel road i stopped to sketch the little chapel (Chapelle de La Monse). Challenging perspective, but it looks ok. Touched up some details at home.

The mountains are so peaceful and rich in inspiration - i feel really lucky to have them at my door!

Deadline fail

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I finished a painting on Friday after a week spent up in the mountains (without internet distractions) specially to finish the piece: frog monster slayer for the Game Challenge 2016.
I was so happy to post him finally as my final submission when i realized that the deadline was not the 25th, but the 21st... Not a few hours... DAYS away! Not even worth contacting the organizers claiming internet fail. 
How does it make me feel? Just plain stupid... for not having double checked the date, for not having put a reminder in my calendar... And for having put so many hours into a challenge project only to miss the final submission.

On the bright side, i did actually keep the deadline, even if it was the wrong one. I did do a good job with this piece and learned a lot from the work i put in. It was "only" a personal project, so no impact on a customer, and no money lost.
And I definitely learned a lesson: always double check and write down deadlines for projects!

Any one else care to share their Deadline Fail?

Story of a project : Poster for MXD

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I have been working very hard on a poster for a group called MXD. It all started when I met the lead singer, Duja, in a bar up in the village of Saignelégier. (Jura, Switzerland)

Turns out I really like their music (mix of electro and metal) and I suggest i do a poster announcing the mid-summer concert, to be held in exaclty the spot we are drinking local beer at that moment. The event is called "Fête du Soleil" which can be translated as the Celebration of the Sun; the bar is also called Le Soleil by the way...

So the theme is pretty obvious, but the style not really. I come up with a mixture of inspirations, one being the Aztec calendar, another traditional japanese tattoo, and also some baroque style parchement and borders thrown in for good mesure. The center piece of the composition is the rubick's cube planet Earth as it is the cover of the new album (Extent of Damages).

In my A3 drawing pad I prepare a pencil version of the poster. Before passing to colour i print a larger version to check details and compostition. Then comes the long process of painting; I use acrylic paints as I have them handy and am used to painting detail in this medium.
Once i get colour done (I've left  the centre piece until last) I start on inking the lines. Suddenly everything seems to pop out
I decide to use a model of a "world rubick's cube" to get a convincing centre.
So today I finished the cube; the poster itself still needs the final information announcing the concert, so I know I'm going to be working on handlettering some time soon.

Comments welcome! and please check out my FB page for updates on my work!


The start of a new life

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So this is it! the beginning of a new website, a new blog... a new life basically.
Not that it comes as much of a surprise; things have been brewing for a while now. At last I have shouldered my pack that I set down a few years back when i started studying Landscape Architecture in Geneva (2011, already) and am heading off again in pursuit of my dreams: to become a freelance illustrator and tattoo artist.

I am committing to posting here regularly about this new journey I am setting out on. I want to keep track of the path that has been trodden, the steps I took, the events (large or small) that happen along the way.

Today is the first day of the rest of my life!