Victoria Suppan

Victoria Suppan

Pencil, Paper, Canvas, Paint!

Working as an independent artist and tattoo artist Victoria uses mainly traditional mediums.

Artist Bio

Victoria Suppan (England, 1978) grew up in Switzerland and lived in France before moving to Geneva to study Landscape Architecture. She is now living in Switzerland, in St-Imier.

From a young age Victoria followed art courses in Switzerland and France before completing a technical degree in textile design at the Ecole de Tissage in Lyons.
After working in one of the R&D studios for Hermes France creating luxury fabrics for apparel and interior design, she chose to return to college to further her education in Landscape Architecture.
She spent a life-changing year in Dublin, Ireland on an exchange course in UCD.

Some of her main inspirations are Tolkien, John Howe, HR Giger, Leonora Carrington, Robin Hobb, José Roosevelt ...

Today she is working as freelance artist and has a wide variety of projects such as painting, illustration, tattooing, graphic design, book covers, as well developing a personal style through courses focusing on traditional mediums and imaginative realism.

Wisdom is to have dreams big enough not to lose sight when we pursue them
— O. Wilde

Victoria in her studio in Switzerland, January 2016

Victoria in her studio in Switzerland, January 2016

Photos by T. Fankhauser

Shows and publications


September 13th - 16th : group show Le Porte-Rêves, Espace Microédition, BD Fil Lausanne, CH

June 15th - 16th : group show at Delémont BD with Le Porte-Rêves - Switzerland

May 24th - 26th : 4th Tattoo Convention Fribourg, Fribourg, Switzerland

May 2019 : Fantasy Basel, Basel, Switzerland


November 30th - December 2nd : marché CuirFerOs, Les Verrières, Switzerland

November 19th-20th : Japan Cosplay, Geneva, Switzerland

November 1st - 17th : group show Vanitas II, Next Door Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland

September 4th - October 4th : solo show MERISTEM, Espace Noir, St Imier, Switzerland

September 30th : Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, Neuchâtel

September 16th - 17th : micro-édition Le Porte-Rêves, BD Fil, Lausanne, Switzerland

June 4th - 21st : group show Freak Show, Cabinet Curieux, Next Door Gallery, Geneva, CH

May 2018 : publication in Le Porte-Rêves (N°2/2018)

March 22nd - April 7th : group show “I want your skull”, Next Door Gallery, Geneva, CH


November 25th - December 15th : group show CHATS, La Grange, Romainmôtier, CH

November 18-19th : Japan Cosplay, Geneva, CH

September : group show Le Porte-Rêves, micro-édition, BD Fil Lausanne, CH

June - September 2017 : group show CORPS/MOUVEMENT (Dahu Lacustre and Le Lokart) - Neuchâtel, Switzerland

19 - 21 May 2017 : group show at Delémont BD with Le Porte-Rêves - Switzerland

May 2017 : published in Le Porte-Rêves (N°1/2017) - Switzerland

Courses and workshops

June 2018 : Illustration Master Class, Amherst, USA

from June 2017 : Schoolism online course (Oils with Thomas Fluharty)

February 2017 : Schoolism Live in Florence

May - September 2016 : Art Camp 3: Landscapes

May - September 2014 : Art Camp 2

2011-2015 : Landscape architecture, hepia, Switzerland

2002 -2004 : textile design, Lyons, France


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Websites and galleries

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