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Story of a project : Poster for MXD

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I have been working very hard on a poster for a group called MXD. It all started when I met the lead singer, Duja, in a bar up in the village of Saignelégier. (Jura, Switzerland)

Turns out I really like their music (mix of electro and metal) and I suggest i do a poster announcing the mid-summer concert, to be held in exaclty the spot we are drinking local beer at that moment. The event is called "Fête du Soleil" which can be translated as the Celebration of the Sun; the bar is also called Le Soleil by the way...

So the theme is pretty obvious, but the style not really. I come up with a mixture of inspirations, one being the Aztec calendar, another traditional japanese tattoo, and also some baroque style parchement and borders thrown in for good mesure. The center piece of the composition is the rubick's cube planet Earth as it is the cover of the new album (Extent of Damages).

In my A3 drawing pad I prepare a pencil version of the poster. Before passing to colour i print a larger version to check details and compostition. Then comes the long process of painting; I use acrylic paints as I have them handy and am used to painting detail in this medium.
Once i get colour done (I've left  the centre piece until last) I start on inking the lines. Suddenly everything seems to pop out
I decide to use a model of a "world rubick's cube" to get a convincing centre.
So today I finished the cube; the poster itself still needs the final information announcing the concert, so I know I'm going to be working on handlettering some time soon.

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