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already 2017...

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Hey! It's already the end of January 2017!
Doesn't time fly?
I have to admit I have not been up to scratch with my blog posts. Last one was in November. 
So before the month is out, I had to write a post and make sure I post at least once a month here.
Another commitment. Seems like the whole beginning of each year is nothing but new commitments. Does it feel like that to you too?
To keep you up to date with the previous post, NO, my work was not selected for Muddy Colors Rising Stars, nor for IBA5... It was a bit disappointing, but I can clearly see that I'm not "there" yet.
The selected pieces of both events are just so many notches above what I presented... No choice but to knuckle down and work, learn, persevere. 

On another subject I have just created a Twitch account. You can now see me working live in my studio. Do join me if you want to see the work in progress on the latest pieces!
Here is a piece I've been working on today


Team symbol "Gingko" for a board-game project