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Story of a project : motorbike portrait

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Last week end I went to the open day of King Kustom Bikes, the local American Bike specialist garage and just fell in love with a 48 Harley-Davidson in the showroom.
I returned during the week and spent 4 hours doing a detailed observation drawing - always good practice.

Pencil sketch of the 48

Went out the next day to pick up a canvas at the art supply store. Settled for a 120 x 80 cm canvas, the largest size i have ever painted in this manner. Orange background, felt obvious.

Burnt orange background with first layer of white

Using my sketch and some photo reference as a base, I stenciled an outline drawing onto the rough layer of burnt orange ground. Then it's just a matter of filling in the shapes with the right shade of black.

First black elements

More black...

and a bit more black... 

Nearly all the larger shapes are done - working on some details now too

Only a bit of shading left to do!

Doesn't it look like you could go for a ride on it? 

This painting now sits beside the actual bike in the showroom at King Kustom Bikes. So proud they accepted to show my work.
Thank you guys! hope to do more of these portraits!