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(English below)
Les prochains mois seront riches en événements et je suis heureuse de pouvoir vous annoncer ma participation à plusieurs expositions, collectives et solo.
Mon projet personnel s'intitule désormais "Signes de Vie", rappel que le début d'un parcours est souvent modeste, et c'est donc sous ce titre que je continue actuellement mes créations.

Du 14 au 18 septembre, Le Porte-Rêves sera présent au stand de micro-éditeurs de BDFil à Lausanne. Six de mes travaux récents ont été publiés dans ce premier numéro.
Je serai présente le dimanche 17 et le lundi 18.

Le samedi 30 septembre, finissage de l'expo collective CORPS / MOUVEMENT du Dahu Lacustre, dès 18h au Lokart à Neuchâtel.

Du 1er octobre au 5 novembre, expo collective "Cats" avec l'association Alveoh, à G&J's Art Gallery de Montreux.
Vernissage le dimanche 1er octobre dès 14h.

Du 5 octobre au 14 décembre, expo solo "Signs of Life" and more, au Chauffage Compris à Neuchâtel.
Vernissage le jeudi 5 octobre, de 17 à 19h.

Le 18 et 19 novembre, je serai aux Automnales de Genève, dans le Japan Cosplay, en compagnie de mes amies artistes, Louvie Haller et Iris Aleit.

Je suis invitée à participer à la 11ème édition de Art Incognito, et l'exposition se tiendra du 26 novembre au 14 janvier 2018, au Café du Soleil à Saignelégier.
Vernissage le dimanche 26 novembre dès 11h.

Cette fin d'année est la période la plus intense d'un point de vue artistique depuis que j'ai pris la décision de prendre le chemin d'une activité artistique indépendante, il y a de ça trois ans. 
C'est une belle récompense que de voir le fruit de ce travail présenté au public.
Merci de votre soutien!

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Bon mois de septembre!

English version
The coming months are going to be busy with events and I am so happy to announce that I am taking part in several exhibitions in Switzerland, group shows and solo.
My personal project has now been given the title "Signs of Life" , celebrating humble beginings and it is under this name that I wil keep on creating art for the time being.

This coming weekend, September 14th - 18th, Le Porte-Rêves will have a table in the micro-edition hall during BDFil in Lausanne. Six of my recent artworks have been published in this first issue.
I will be present Sunday 17th and Monday 18th.

Saturday September 30th, closing celebration for our group show CORPS /MOUVEMENT with the Dahu Lacustre, from 6pm at the Lokart, Neuchâtel.

From October 1st until November 5th, group show "Cats" with the Alveoh collective at G&J's Art Gallery in Montreux.
Opening on Sunday, October 1st from 2pm.

From October 5th until December 14th, solo show "Signs of Life" and more, at the Chauffage Compris in Neuchâtel.
Opening on Thursday, October 5th, 5-7pm.

November 18th and 19th I will have a table during le Automnales de Genève, in the Japan Cosplay, with my two artist friends Louvie Haller and Iris Aleit.

To finish off the year, I am invited to take part in the 11th edition of Art Incognito, the show will be held from November 26th until January 14th at the Café du Soleil in Saignelégier.
Opening on Sunday, November 26th, from 11am.

From an artistic standpoint this end of year is the busiest yet since I started on the path to develop an independant art career 3 years ago.
It is a great reward, and a humbling experience, to be presenting my artwork to the public.
Thank you for your support!

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All best for September!


already 2017...

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Hey! It's already the end of January 2017!
Doesn't time fly?
I have to admit I have not been up to scratch with my blog posts. Last one was in November. 
So before the month is out, I had to write a post and make sure I post at least once a month here.
Another commitment. Seems like the whole beginning of each year is nothing but new commitments. Does it feel like that to you too?
To keep you up to date with the previous post, NO, my work was not selected for Muddy Colors Rising Stars, nor for IBA5... It was a bit disappointing, but I can clearly see that I'm not "there" yet.
The selected pieces of both events are just so many notches above what I presented... No choice but to knuckle down and work, learn, persevere. 

On another subject I have just created a Twitch account. You can now see me working live in my studio. Do join me if you want to see the work in progress on the latest pieces!
Here is a piece I've been working on today


Team symbol "Gingko" for a board-game project